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We offer professional products in house and through our various local and online partnerships.
Perfect Herbs

Oak Clinic has partnered with top brands to provide you with the highest quality supplement.


Professional Supplements

When choosing supplements we look for third party testing, ensuring purity, bioavailability and potency. We offer a variety of professional brands in house and have access to 300+ professional brands through our Fullscript account.

Every supplement you take needs to serve a purpose. Ideally, that purpose is to rebalance an individual's natural rhythm and can be discontinued after its treatment course is complete.

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Herbal Dispensary

Oak Clinic carries a small dispensary of tincture and teas, with huge therapeutic action. A tincture is a highly concentrated herb or herbal formula that has been extracted using alcohol. These alcohol extractions have been made in small batches and each batch has been third party tested to ensure highest potency and quality.

Having a herbal dispensary allows us to make a personalized tincture or tea in quantities and ratios that best fit your therapeutic needs. Some herbs can only be found in therapeutic doses from clinical dispensaries, such as ours.


Professional Partnerships

We love working with local companies and believe that everyone in our community will benefit from integrative and collaborative care. With so much incredible talent here in the Peace Region, we are passionate about finding new ways in which we can work together to create more wellness opportunities for our patients. If you would like to team up please contact us and we will organize a coffee date to find new ways to service the Dawson Creek and the surrounding area.

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