Naturopathic Medicine

Answers to your most commonly asked questions about Naturopathic Medicine, Wholistic Health, Insurance Coverage and More.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic Medicine is a complementary addition to your current health care system. We work in collaboration with YOU and any other health care providers you may have on your roster. Naturopathy looks at the human body as a whole working system, and believes collaboration is key to optimal health.

Naturopathy differentiates itself from the general health care system by identifying and healing the root cause of a given health problem as opposed to focusing on the most prevalent or recent symptom. Naturopathic Doctors use a natural and scientific approach to improving biochemical and physiological imbalances. They are trained in common medical diagnoses as well as their eastern medicine equivalents. Along with treating specific conditions, they also emphasize illness prevention as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle. Naturopaths pride themselves on individualized care and understand that what may work for one individual may not work for another. The most important person in an appointment is YOU, a Naturopathic Doctor is simply there to help guide you through your healing journey.

What Does it Take to Become a Naturopathic Doctor?

To become a Naturopathic Doctor, an individual must complete an undergraduate program with the required prerequisites. That individual must then complete a 4 year program at an Accredited Naturopathic College, of which there are only 2 in Canada. The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine delivers more than 3,000 hours of in-classroom training and 1,200 hours of clinical experience in biomedical sciences, clinical medicine, clinical nutrition, Traditional Asian Medicine, acupuncture, botanical medicine, physical medicine, physical exams and labs. After finishing their 8 years educational journey, a Naturopathic Doctor finalizes the process by writing a series of board exams. All Naturopathic Doctors are required to continue their education throughout their career.

Is Naturopathic Medicine for Me?

At the base of every health plan is diet and lifestyle change; changes that you and your doctor will plan together to ensure your goals are realistic and attainable. Depending on your ailment or desired outcome, the Doctor will work with you to create an individualized treatment protocol, which can include specific supplementation of vitamins, minerals, plants, herbs or physical therapies. The Doctor may also recommend a more integrative approach and refer you for additional treatment from your MD, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc. The goal of the treatment plan is to be as sustainable and manageable as possible.

Is it Covered by My Health Plan?

The cost of Naturopathic services and products are partially or fully covered by many extended health plans. Please check with your plan administrator.

And, We Now Support Direct Billing for Pacific Blue Cross, Medavie and Green Shield.

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