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Today we're excited to finally announce that Dr. Anouk Chamount BA (Hons. Psy.), HD, ND has joined us, here in Dawson Creek British Columbia, at Oak Clinic. Dr. Chaumount has a special focus on Lyme Disease and Cancer and will be offering her Naturopathic support for those combating these challenging diseases starting in January 2020. Dr. Chaumont is currently accepting new patients.

Dr. Chaumont joins us from Grande Prairie AB where she already has a thriving practice and will be here at Oak Clinic to work with patients twice each month.

If you or someone you know is interested in booking an appointment with Dr. Chaumont, her schedule is now available via our online booking service. You can also always give us a call to learn more about Dr. Chaumount and the services she offers or to book an appointment over the phone.

About Dr. Chaumont ND

Dr. Chaumont graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2005 and practiced naturopathic medicine in Eastern Ontario for 9 years before deciding to move to Grande Prairie, Alberta. During her career as a naturopathic doctor, she has had a special interest in naturopathic oncology as well as injection therapy for musculoskeletal problems.

In the recent years, after her husband got bitten by a tick in Northern Alberta and contracted Lyme disease and Babesiosis (a co-infection often transmitted by ticks), Dr. Chaumont has decided to focus her career in helping patients suffering from Lyme disease and associated tick-borne infections. Although she still practices general family naturopathic medicine, the main focus of her practice is in the proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease as well as naturopathic oncology support.

She uses functional medicine as well as botanical medicine as her foundational therapeutic approach. Most of her therapeutic recommendations are highly science-based and are usually accompanied by individualized lifestyle and nutritional modifications. Finding the underlying root cause of disease is her passion and fixing it with the least amount of pharmaceuticals as possible is her goal.

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